The station opened on 5 November 1910 as part of the original line A. It is one of the few stations that has kept its original North-South design.

Metro entrance


It is situated in the 7th arrondissement under the rue de Solférino where Napoleon III and his army defeated the Austrian army in 1859.

It is served by the metro line 12. The station is labelled as a connection station with the RER C Musée d'Orsay, but it is necessary to leave the station and walk along a couple of streets.

The entrance to the station with the Metropolitain sign, a map of the area and 5 acorn shaped lamps across the top of the entrance.


The Metropolitain sign is a lit red rectangle with white capital letters.


The top of the stairs are not marked.



 ironworks at entrance


The three sides of the entrance consist of swirly wrought-iron work painted green. It is fixed to terracotta tiled posts and a tiled base.





Stencilled pattern




The entrance to the station is decorated with light blue and dark brown stencilled patterns on the terracotta tiles on the walls.





 Advertising panel



Curved advertising panel on the wall. The frame is brown with an olive branch pattern.

The station name is incorporatedin the frame using white ceranic tiles on blue tiles. On either side is a brown cross on a white background.






The station name is painted in large white letters on blue ceramic tiles and surrounded by a white border and a brown frame with olive branches.


The platform has several light brown wooden benches.

The ceiling incorporates large brown frames and ribbons.






View along the platform towards Montparnasse.


The edge of the platform is painted white and a nobbed strip has been added next to it.


The silver lights are suspended from the ceiling in pairs of wires.








Tunnel in direction Montmartre. The sign above it points to the platform.


Entrance to the platforms is from the ends.





It is tradition for the RATP to take part in in the tradition of April Fools jokes.

In 2024 it renamed a number of stations to celebrate the olympic and para-olympic games which take place later that year, as well as to highlight the week of olympic and para-olympic games (2 - 6 April 2024).

For a day, the platform of this station was renamed to Surferino.