Falguière is an underground station on the metro line 12.

It opened 5 November 1910 and is situated in the 15th arrondissement.

The station is named after Alexandre Falguière (1831 - 1890), a French sculptor and painter.


The balustrade is made up of several panels of wrought iron shaped into different swirls painted green.

The long Metropolitain sign hangs from two curled staffs attached to the balustrade. The white writing is in uppercase on a red background.

Underneath it is the station sign with the station name and the number of the metro. Facing the entrance is an advertising board. On the other side is a metro plan of Paris.

The walls are tiled in light brown. Some light blue and dark brown flowers have been stencilled close to ground level.

Five round lights have been fixed in green holders at the far of the entrance at ground level, making them look a bit like acorns from the top.




The small pillars are tiled in small beige-brown tiles and topped with a square low pyramid.

On each side of the pillar is a 3D flower with 7 petals and large leaves.











The border tiles in the corridor are brown with a smooth wave pattern.


The walls are tiled in white rectangular ceramic tiles with a raised centre.


















Stairs from the platform. Narrow panels of advertising have been placed on both sides between the handrail and the border tiles.

The walls above the border tiles are painted white.







Yellow plastic seats are fixed on a yellow bar in front of the advertising panels. The walls consist of integrated panels, which are fixed over the original tiles, and electric lights.







platform entrance


Access to the platforms is from the end, from direction porte de Versailles.

The direction DIR_On VERSAILLES is painted in blue on white tiles and framed with brown tiles. An arrow points to the platform.

The tracks lie between the two platforms.

The platform edges are painted white.




direction Montmartre


Tunnel direction Montmartre. The direction DIR_On MONTMARTRE is painted in blue on white tiles and framed with brown tiles. An arrow points to the platform.










Other lights are in form of uncovered flurescent tubes hanging from the ceiling.


The ceiling is tiled and divided into areas with brown frames. Some of the walls have additional patterns below.


The signage is in yellow uppercase lettering on black background. The sign is in a white frame.