Corenton Celton is situated in the community of Issy-les-Moulineaux. The station opened on 24 March 1934 under the name Petits Ménages, named after the hospice that moved from the 7th arrondissement to Issy-les-Moulineaux. On 15 October 1945 the station was renamed in honor of Corenton Celton, a hospice worker shot by the nazis.

It is served by the metro line 12.


Corenton Celton Signage


The signage on the white tiled walls is printed in white capital letters on blue tiles and framed with white ceramic tiles.

Two sets of red plastic seats have been mounted on red metal arches.

The line has no platform barriers. The edges of the side platforms are marked with a white line.





 platform entrance Corenton Celton


Entrance to the platform.

The walls and vaulted ceiling are tiled in white ceramic tiles with raised centres.

The lights are in casings made of a lower and an upper section, with the lights reflecting on the upper metal.




One of the metro cars in the station


Metro car in station. This is one of the old type of metro where you have to pull up the handle to open the door.

You can still open the window a little bit. They have no climate control.








Ceramic decoration


Mustard yellow ceramic decorative tile over advertising frame.

The symetric design shows flowers and fuchsia buds.

The ceramic advertising frame is the same colour. The inner edge is made of a row of raised circles. The outer edge is made of a row of cabbage leaves.