Madeleine opened on 5 November 1910 as part of the line A, one of the first two lines operated by the Nord-Sud companie.

It is situated in the 8th arrondissement next to the Madeleine church.

The station is served by the metro lines 8, 12 and 14. All platforms are underground.


Entrance signage


Public passage Metro signage at one of the entrances to the Madeleine metro station.

The red sign is on a decorated matt brown post. The letters are cut out, showing the white light cover.










coloured tiles


The walls in the corridor are tiled with white rectangular ceramic tiles with a raised centre.

Some coloured plastic tiles have been added to take away from the plain white.







stairs to quays


Stairs to the platforms. Advertising has been placed betwen the handrail and the border tiles.

The walls are tiled to about shoulder height.

The border here is brown with a flower pattern. Above it the wall and ceiling are painted white.

Modern advertising boards with rolling images and back-lights are on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.





large stain-glass chicken


The Madeleine station has several large pieces of art for passengers to enjoy. This is a large stained glass about a chicken called Ryaba. The multicoloured chicken is in a dark semi-circle, pecking at the grass.










One of the escalators between line 14 and line 12. Unlike most other stations, natural light is available. The floor is made of reddish brown and beige polished stone.











advertising in corridor



The corridor between the lines 8 and 12. The dark blue ceramic tiled frames are filled with advertising posters.


The walls are tiled half way up, finishing with a turquoise frieze of ceramic tiles in wave patterns. The bottom row of tiles is also turquoise.

The floor is painted grey.





turquoise ceramic tiles with wave pattern


The border tiles have a turquoise wave pattern. The waves are smooth whereas the gaps are dotted.






turquoise North-South sign


Company logo of the original owners of the line - the Nord-Sud companie.

The large letter N is intertwined with the letter S and surrounded by ribbons.









Platform line 8

Line 8 started operation on 13 July 1913.

name sign and maps


Signage on the wall.The station name is written in mixed case white letters on a dark blue plastic sign without frame.

The white tiles are flat.









yellow seats on tiled base


The line has two side platforms.

Yellow square plastic seats have been fixed on a base covered in orange tiles.


Behind them on the walls are large advertising boards in metal frames.





platform and metro


The lights over the edge of the platform are in yellow metal rectangular boxes, matching the seats and tiles on the base.


The arched ceiling is tiled in white, reflecting some of the light.

The floor is painted grey. The edge of the platform is marked in white. A row of about 20 cm wide nobbed tiles has been added to warn sight-impaired travellers of the edge.








Platform line 12

Line 12 started operation on 5 November 1910. It was part of the original North-South line A.

red plastic seats on platform 12


The plastic seats on this platform are red. They are mounted on a pedestal of red tiles running along the length of the wall.

The white tiles on the wall are flat.







platform line 12



Advertising is placed in metal frames behind the seats.

The lights are encased in red rectangular metal boxes.

The curved ceiling is tiled.

The side platforms have a white edge.









Platform line 14

Line 14 started operation on 15 October 1998. The platform has a very modern feel.

wooden seats


Three wooden and metal seats in a little recess. Some building work is being carried out, so you can also see the covered legs of the scaffolding.

The floor is tiled in red speckled stone.










Platform of the line 14 and metro behind the automatic barriers. The barriers have metal frames above the tracks, starting at ground level.

Silber rectangular metal cases with lights have been installed above the platform barrier.


The ceiling is vaulted and made in sections.