The station opened on 5 November 1910. In 1939 the station was shut with others to allow to run a smaller network. The station reopened 20 May 1968, although with reduced hours.
Rennes is situated in the 6th arrondissement, under the crossroad of boulevard Raspail and rue de Rennes.
It is an underground station served by the metro line 12.

Stairs from the platform. The walls are tiled in white and have a brown border tile with wave pattern.

Above the border the wall and ceiling are painted white.

Narrow advertising boards have been placed on the wall between the handrail and the border tiles.


An additional handrail has been installed in the middle of the stairs.





The vaulted ceiling is tiled. The lights hanging from it are in silver encasings. The light reflects on the tops of the metal encasings.

The two platforms are on either side of the track.


The edge of the platform is marked in white. A row of about 20 cm wide nobbed tiles has been added to warn sight-impaired travellers of the edge.


Entrance to the platform is by an entrance at the end.




The adverting boards are in white ceramic angular frames on the tiled walls. In front of it are orange metal bowl-shaped seats with a slit, mounted on a silver bar, which is fixed to the floor.

The floor is painted grey.











The platform signage is in white, mixed case letters on a blue plastic sign without a frame. The sign is fixed to the walls, which are tiled in white with a raised centre placed horizontal.