The station opened on 18 January 1911 as part of the line 7. On 3 December 1967 it became part of the newly separated line 7bis.
The underground station is situated in the 19th arrondissement.
The station is named after Markos Botzaris (1788-1823), a Greek Independence fighter.

Single escalator leading from the platform to the ticket office. Access towards the platform is by using the stairs.

Advertising has been placed on the wall above the handrail.

The walls are tiled in white Metro-style tiles. The bottom row of tiles is light turquoise. The top row is turquoise with a turquoise flower pattern.








The two platforms are separated by a supporting tiled wall. The tiling continous over the vaulted ceiling.

Access to the platform is from the end.

A row of lights in silver covers are suspended from the ceiling by pairs of wires.

Advertising is in metal frames mounted on the platform side.

The edge of the platform is painted white.




blue seats


Blue plastic seats have been fixed to the wall with a metal bar. Behind them is a map of the bus network and an info sheet with general transport rules.










The station name is written in white upper-and lowercase letters on a blue plasticised sign.








view to other platform


View through the arch in the supporting wall to the platform in the other direction (Louis Blanc). Both the wall and the arch are tiled.