The station opened on 23 November 1910 as a station on the line 7. In 1967 the section from Louis Blanc to Pré Saint-Gervais was split off and became a line in its own right.
It is served by the metro lines 7 and 7bis. The station takes its name from Louis Blanc (1811–1882), a writer of political works and member of Provisional Government of 1848. It is an underground station situated in the 10th arrondissement.

ceiling and lights


View of the three platforms (line 7 left and centre, line 7bis extreme right) towards the exit.

The lights are in yellow metal casings and fixed to the ceiling by scythe-shaped brackets.

The ceiling is lit up with green, yellow and purple bands of light.





platform line 7

Platforms of the line 7 in direction Ivry/Villejuif.

The display over the central platforms indicates the lines . It is unusual in the metro to have two different lines in such proximity.

Advertising is in yellow ceramic frames.







The central platform is shared. On the left is the terminal of the line 7bis, with the metro waiting.

Single plastic chairs on single poles are in the middle of the platforms. They are facing along the platform.







tracks line 7bis


Platform and tracks of the line 7bis. The station is the terminal of the line. The metro arrives and leaves with the conductor changing the cabin.

The walls and ceiling are tiled in flat, white rectangular tiles.

The platform for this line has no advertising on its wall.