The station opened on 19 October 1904.

It is situated on the border of the 8th and 9th arrondissements.

It is served by the metro lines 3, 12, 13 and 14.


One of the entrances. It is surrounded by a green fence with bars of equal lengths.

Four acorn shaped lights in green fixings have been placed at ground level at the end of the entrance.










Escalators to the place de Rome


Escalators and stairs leading to the glass dome at place de Rome.

The high walls are round and made of stone.












This is one of several tiled pillars in the ticket hall.

The top of the pillar is painted sandy brown. The sides of it are tiled in white rectangular tiles with smaller square sandy tiles intersperced. The top row of white tiles has a green flower pattern.









Strip of ceiling lights in the corridor.











Platform Line 3

Line 3 started operation on 19 October 1904.

Quay line 3


The ceiling is constructed in form of several small arches and tiled in white. It is supported by silver painted iron beam.


The walls are tiled in large, flat, white tiles.


Entrance to the platform is from the end.







markings on platform


The floor of the platform has been marked with yellow lines to indicate the position of the doors when the metro stops.


The marble bench runs along the length of the platform.







Platform Line 12

Line 12 started operation on 5 November 1910.

stairs to quay of line 12















Platform Line 13

Line 13 started operation on 26 February 1911.



The signage is in mixed case in the Paricine font.


The walls are tiled in Metro style, that is white rectangular ceramic tiles with a raised centre.


Barriers have been installed to prevent unauthorised access to the tracks and to allow automisation of the line.









Logo of the North-South company in a green advertising frame with a pattern of olive branches.

&Interwinedd letters N and S are placed on a ribbon.















Entrance to the platform is from the end.

The vaulted ceiling is painted.












Platform Line 14

Line 14 started operation on 16 December 2003. The station is a terminus of the line.


This line is fully automised.