The station opened 5 November 1910 as part of the North-South line A.

It is situated in the 15th arrondissement, under the rue de Vaugirad, the longest road in Paris. The station Vaugirard - Adolphe Chérioux takes the second part of its name from the local polititian Adolphe Chérioux (1857 - 1934), who served on the council of the 15th arrondissement from 1894 until his death.

It is served by the metro line 12.

metro entrance



Entrance to the metro station from the pavement. The entrance is relatively narrow and surrounded on three sides by a plain green fence.

The walls have been tiled in white ceramic tiles.

Metal hadrails have been attached to both sides.



Three round lamps can be found at the back on pavement level. The sides are tiled to the top.







Escalator and stairs on the other side. The escalator only goes up.







stairs from entrance


Corridor from the entrance.

The walls are tiled to about shoulder-height and bordered in dark green. The top row of ceramic tiles has a flower pattern. The ceiling is painted white.







corridor to platforms


Corridor between the two platforms and stairs to that level.

Signs with all stations and their connections have been fixed to the wall.

Some narrow advertising has been added to the wall between the handrail and the borderline towards the platform.

Advertising has been placed in lit white frames.








The name of the station (Vaugirard) has been printed on a blue sign with a metal frame. Underneath it in a smaller sign, the name Adolphe Chérioux has been printed.


The edge of the platform is marked in white, with no additional yellow line. Although the white looks more grey now. A row of about 20 cm wide nobbed tiles has been added to warn sight-impaired travellers of the edge. Some red plastic seats are fixed on a bar.