The station opened on 5 November 1910.

It is situated in the 15th arrondissement on the crossroad of rue Vaugirard and rue Volontaires (road of the volunteers - named after the soldiers of the the French Revolution).

It was built as a station of the line A of the North-South company is now served by the metro line 12.

metro entrance


The white corner building has an entrance on the rue Vaugirard. It can be closed by Rolladen shutters. The window above the Rollladen is covered with some curved wrought-iron.

The letters of the Metropolitain sign have created in 3D ceramic tiles and painted in black. They are surrounded by light brown tiles with a black line to frame the word Metropolitain.

Two square blue and brown large ceramic tiles with Art Nouveau design have been placed on either side of the sign.




metro exit


The wall on the corner has been cut off to give more space on the pavement and make it easier to go round the corner.

The station signage and a map of the metro network are fixed to the wall in a green frame with light.

Above it is a panel with light brown ceramic tiles and a flower garland stencilled on it. On either side is a square brown and blue ceramic tile.

A little blue space invader mosaic has has been added by a street artist.

A stainless steel pole with a yellow letter M in a circle has been positioned close by to see the entrance from further away. The M is lit during darkness.


metro exit


Exit on the rue Volontaires from the outside. The exit is around the corner from the entrance, keeping passengers entering and exiting well apart and so allowing a larger number of travellers.

The exit is narrower than the entry, but it has the same wrought-iron work above. It can be shut by metal folding shutters. The panels of ceramic tiles with flower gralands and the square tiles continue on this side of the building.


A small sign in French, English and Spanish informs that there is no entry.




metal barrier


Should anybody enter nevertheless and walk down the stairs, they come to the exit barrier. The metal swing doors only allow to exit.




The walls of the corridor are tiled in white with a brown border.







The station is under refurbishment


A renovation program has been started for several months.

The walls of the station have been stripped back to the brick revealing the old signage. Large white uppercase letters have been painted on blue ceramic tiles and surrounded by a white line and a light brown frame.

During renovation work in previous years, metal frames and red lights have been added.

The red plastic seats are fixed on the walls of recesses.

The vaulted ceiling is tiled in white, but has brown frames.



light brown North-South logo


Brown North-South logo and olive branches on ceramic tiles on an advertising frame. 

The logo consists of the letters S and N intertwined on a ribbon.






platforms of the line


The two side platforms of the line. The edge of the platform is marked in white, with no additional yellow line.

A row of about 20 cm wide nobbed tiles has been added to warn sight-impaired travellers of the edge. The rest of the ground has been painted grey.