The station opened on 5 November 1910.
It is situated in the 15th arrondissement. The station takes its name from the Convention nationale (21 September 1792 to 26 October 1795), which founded the First Republic. This was the first time an assembly was elected by all males over 25 regardless of class.
It is served by the metro line 12. Convention is an underground station.


The fence around the entrance is green with straight bars of equal height.

The station sign is a square box fixed to the fence. From the back it shows the station name, the number of the metro line and a map of the metro network. It is lit.

At the entrance is a steel pole with a large yellow letter M in a double circle. The sign is lit at night.









Some plastic hello signs have been added in different languages.

Lower on the wall of the entrance brightly coloured plastic rectangles have been stuck on the white tiles.









Corridor from entrance towards the platforms. The corridor has some twists.


The walls are tiled. The top border tiles are in brown with a flower pattern.




exit doors



Two metal exit doors from the platform.

The doors open in the middle when activated by standing on the pressure pads on the ground.











The walls are covered in metal sheaths.


The signage is integrated in the walls.


The blue plastic seats in front of the advertising match the encasing of the lights and the bar at the bottom of the sheath.




view towards tunnel



Lighting is provided by uncovered flourescent tubes over the edge of the platform. Additional lights are incorporated in the blue covers of the walls.

A white line and a row of mark the edge of the platform.

The ground is painted grey.






The tracks are between the two platforms.







display sign



The electronic display sign shows the time and the waiting time for the next two trains in the direction of Mairie d'Issy.


The curved ceiling is tiled and divided into frames with brown tiles.





 platform entry



Entry to (and exit from) the platform is from the side.