Pigalle opened on 7 October 1902.

It is situated on the border of the 9th and 18th arrondissements. The station takes its name after the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (1714 - 1785), who created amongst other items, the mausoleum of Henry Harcourt in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.


Metropolitain sign outside the station


The entrance to the station was designed by Hector Guimard in 1900. The station was part of the original Line A.

The station is today served by the metro lines 2 and 12.

The metal sign refers to the station as being part of the "Metropolitain". It is hung from two curled bars fixed to the main sign.






metro exit
The exit is surrounded by some green Art Nouveau wrought-iron fence. Four round lights are over the exit at ground level.

The sides are covered in earthen tiles and stencilled with flower garlands.

Handrails have been fixed to the wall from the fence.

The Exithas been marked with two wide rows of white tiles with raised circles, which have been placed circa 25 cm from the top step.




green ceramic tiles with wave pattern




The frieze inside the the station is made from medium green ceramic tiles with a wave pattern. The waves have a smooth surface, around them the tiles have a dotted pattern.





stairs in the link corridor between line 2 and 12


The stairs in the corridor between the two metro lines are quite steep. Metal handraild have been fixed on each side wall.


The sides are tiled in white and topped with a green border tile.

Small advertising panels have been placed between the handrails and the border tiles.









Platform Line 2

Line 2 started operation on 7 October 1902.

It is an underground platform.

platform of line 2
The ceiling of this platform is tiled, reflecting the multiple colours of the LED lights. The lights are attached to the ceiling with scythe-like fixings. This is part of the Ouï-dire design.



The large advertising posters are displayed in plain, dark blue ceramic frames.


A row of nobbed tiles and a white line mark the edge of the side platform.



silver bench




Narrow stainless steel benches are fixed on the wall in front of the advertising areas.


The walls are tiled in flat horizontal placed tiles.







It is tradition for the RATP to take part in in the tradition of April Fools jokes.

In 2024 it renamed a number of stations to celebrate the olympic and para-olympic games which take place later that year, as well as to highlight the week of olympic and para-olympic games (2 - 6 April 2024).

For a day, the platform of line 2 was renamed to Pigoalball.









Platform Line 12

Line 12 started operation on 8 April 1911.


platform line 12


The platform for line 12 has orange plastic seats on orange tiles, but the majority of seats seem to have been removed.


The lights in the Andreu-Motte style are enclosed in matching metal encasings.


The ceiling is plastered, although it is not the freshest anymore.





Pigalle name sign



The name Pigalle is printed in white upper and lower case letters on a blue plasticised sign. It has no frame.


The tiles are white and flat.



tunnel and platform




Looking into the tunnel from the platform. The edge of the platform is marked in white and with nobbed tiles. The lights hang above the edge.