The station Cardinal Lemoine opened on 26 April 1931.
It is situated in the 5th arrondissement. The station is named after Cardinal Jean Lemoine (1250–1313), a papal legate of Pope Boniface VIII to Philip IV. It is served by the metro line 10.



The walls on the corridor towards the exit are tiled until about head-height. They are topped by a row of brown ceramic files with flower pattern.












border tiles


The brown border tiles have a 3D flower pattern.












platform exit



Access to the platform is from the end.

The advertising boards are surrounded by a frame of honey-coloured ceramic tiles with a wheat pattern. The top corners and the centre top have flower-shaped ceramic decorations.












The platforms are on either side of the track. The vaulted ceiling and the walls are tiled.

A couple of vending machines have been placed at the centre of the platform so that passengers can buy a snack or drink while they wait.

The lights of the fluorescent tubes reflects on the top of the metal casings.








plastic seats


Light blue plastic seats are fixed to the wall by a blue metal bar.















The station name is stencilled in white capital letters on a rectangle of blue ceramic tiles.They are surrounded by a white ceramic frames.

The walls are tiled with white ceramic tiles, which have a raised centre.