Porte des Lilas

Porte des Lilas opened on 27 November 1921.

The station is situated on the border of the 19th and 20th arrondissements, at one of the former defensive walls built around Paris between 1841 and 1844.

It is today served by the metro lines 3bis and 11. It is a terminus for the line 3bis.



Corridor from the platforms of the line 3bis. The white tiles are topped by a frieze of dark blue flowers.

Advertising is in white ceramic frames.






exit doors


Metal and glass push doors on the inner exit of the station. The doors open to the right.











Platform Line 3bis

Line 3bis started operation on 27 November 1921 as the line 3. It was renamed 3bis on 27 March 1971, when the line 3 was extended in the direction Gallieni.




The signage is a blue sign with white lower and upper case letters, mounted on white tiles of the Metro style (small ceramic tiles with raised centres).






metro at platform


Metro at the platform and tunnel towards Saint-Fargeau.

The edge of the platform is marked in white, with no additional yellow line. A row of about 20 cm wide nobbed tiles has been added to warn sight-impaired travellers of the edge.







Platform and entrance at the end of the platform.

The walls are tiled, the vaulted ceiling is painted.

Lights in grey encasings are hung from the ceiling fixed in intervals by two wires.






Platform Line 11

Line 11 started operation on 28 April 1935. Presently the platform is being completely restored. Hence it looks very untidy just now.



Signage on the line 11. "PTE DES LILAS" is stencilled in capitals on dark blue, rectangular tiles in a white ceramic frames. Broken tiles have been removed.







platform direction Mairie des Lilas


Platform in direction Mairie des Lilas. The other platform is separated by a tiled wall with walk-through arched openings.

Advertising is in brown ceramic frames with decorations. The frames on the platform side are used, the ones on the separating walls are blank.

The ceilings are tiled.

Access to the platform is from the side. The edge of the platform is marked by a white line and a row of nobbed tiles.


blue seats


Blue plastic seats fixed on a bar on the wall.












tunnel and wall


Tunnel from direction Télégraphe and arch through the wall to the tracks in the other direction.











Purple Lilac


On the walls of the platform direction Paris are three mosaics in ceramic frames. Two of them show flowers, namely Lilac (= lilas).

The first one shows some light coloured lilac branches on a blue background.








Blue Lilac


Mosaic of blue lilac in a light brown ceramic frame.