The station opened on 31 January 1903 as part of the original section from Alexandre Dumas (then called Bagnolet) to Anvers.
Ménilmontant is situated on the border of the 11th and 20th arrondissements.
The underground station is served by the metro line 2.

art nouveau  station sign


The station sign is in the art nouveau style.

In the centre of the green metal panel is a map of the network. Above this is a narrow panel with the station name written in green on a yellow background using the art nouveau font. It also shows the number of the metro line.

Attached to the top is a green cupped flower light.

The station sign is attached to the Guimard fence and the ground.

The green fence is placed on a small stone sims.





art nouveau metro entrance


The entrance to the station is not marked by an area of white raised circles.

On either side of the entrance is a large green lamppost in the shape of a flower with a red light.

Between the lampposts is a yellow oval sign with the the word Metropolitain written in green.

At the other end of the entrance, at ground level, are five small round lights in green fittings.



The back of the station sign shows a large metro logo. It is fixed to the side of the fence.

Metal handrails have been fitted to the tiled walls.


At the wall in the corridor is a display screen with traffic information of other lines.


The walls are tiled nearly to the top. The ceiling is flat and painted white.

green border tiles



The walls in the corridor are tiled to about shoulder height in white rectangular tiles with a raised centre.

The green border tiles have a raised pattern of three diamonds with flowers.

The wall above the border and the ceiling are painted white.







underground platform


The side platforms are not separated from the tracks by barriers.

The vaulted ceiling and the walls are tiled in white rectangular tiles with a raised centre, which reflect some of the light.

Lights in the form of a long tube are hung from the ceiling and fixed with pairs of wires.





platform sign


The platform signage consists of the station name in white mixed-case letters on a dark blue background. The sign is not framed.

The sign has been placed on the tiled wall.

Underneath is a plan of the tram and bus network in a white frame.



blue plastic seats in front of advertising


Medium blue plastic seats have been screwed to a blue metal bar fixed to the wall.

Behind them are large advertising boards in thin metal frames.