The station opened on 12 October 1942 when the line was extended to Église de Pantin. The underground station is situated in the 19th arrondissement.
The station takes its name from Xavier Jean Marie Clément Vernhet de Laumière (1812 - 1863), a general killed during the French intervention in Mexico. It is served by the metro line 5.

The walls in the corridor are tiled to about head-height and topped with a border of green tiles with a flower pattern. The tiles closest to the ground are plain green.

Advertising has been placed in white ceramic frames.





The platforms are on either side of the tracks.

The vaulted ceiling is tiled.

The lights are in row of green rectangular boxes above the platform edge.

The platform edge is marked in white, with a row of knobbed tiles.




ceramic decoration
The centre decoration on the advertising boards is made of stacked squares, topped with the letter "M" in a square.

The walls are covered in white tiles with a raised centre.





Green plastic seats have been fixed to a base of green ceramic tiles along the wall of the platform. They match the light casings.

The advertising boards behind are framed with brown ceramic tiles in clear geometric lines.











The signage is made of rectangular white ceramic tiles where the station name has been left white and the rest painted blue before being burnt. It is in upper letters. The tiles are surrounded by a white ceramic frame.