Jacques Bonsergent

The station opened on 17 December 1906 under the name of Lancry and was one of the terminals until the line was extended until Gare du Nord in November 1907.

On 10 February 1946, the station was renamed to commemorate Jacques Bonsergent, an Engineer at the nearby Arts et Métiers School, who was the first Frenchman to be executed on 23December 1940 by firing squad during the German occupation.

main entrance

The station is situated in the 10th arrondissement. It is served by the metro line 5. It is an underground station.

The main entrance is surrounded by a plain green fence with bars, which have all the same length.

The metro sign is a large yellow M in a double circle mounted on a steel pole. They were intoduced in the 70s.

The station sign is al large square green box. On pavement side a metro map of Paris is shown under the station name and Metro line number.



Five round lamps are placed over the entrance.

Handrails have been fixed to the white, tiled walls.

An additional handrail is in the middle of the stairs.

side entrance

The smaller side entrance has a green fence with bars of different heights. It is signalled by a Dervaux post.

The word METRO is cut out of red plastic, showing the letters in white, and placed in a green frame on the post.

A white ball-shaped light is on top of it.


Three round lamps are fixed to the ceiling of the entrance at street-level.


Corridor from the platform. The walls are tiled to the ceiling. Advertising has been placed in white ceramic frames.

Other advertising has been placed in lit frames with a roll of posters that change every few seconds.

The walls are tiled with white ceramic tiles with a raised centre and topped with a row of green border tiles with a geometric flower pattern.


The walls are tiled and bordered with a row of tiles with green flowers. Narrow advertising panels have been placed between it and the handrail.

The row closest to the stairs is plain green.






The signage is in mixed case white letter on a blue sign. Underneath it is a blue sign with the inscription "Jacques Bonsergent - Ingénieur des Arts et Métiers - Premier francais victime de son courage et de ses sentiments fraternels - fusillé le 23 décembre 1940". The vent next to it has a map of France worked in metal.







The platforms are on either side of the tracks. The edge of the platforms is marked with a broad white line and a row of rubber tiles with raised circles to help visually impaired passengers.

The slightly vaulted ceiling is painted. The walls are tiled in white.

The lights are uplighting, reflecting in the metal of the light-covers.

orange seats

A row of orange plastic seats has been fixed to the wall with an orange metal bar. They are placed in front of an advertising panel, which has a metal frame.