Église de Pantin

The station opened on 12 October 1942 and was a terminal until 25 April 1985, when the line was extended further to Bobigny - Pablo Picasso.
It is situated in the community of Pantin, next to the church (église). The station Église de Pantin is served by the metro line 5.

station entry


The station entrance is sourrounded by a green fence with bars of different hights.To the left of it is a lamppost in the style of Dervaux. The station sign is in a square modern sign. The stairs have an additional handrail in the centre.

A thick white line has been painted on the ground in front of the entrance.













entrance gates




The walls of the ticket hall are tiled to the ceiling with shiny white tiles. The metal barriers open when passengers place their electronic pass close to the sensor or feed their paper ticket into the slot.









 exit doors

Exit to the ticket hall. The two solid metal doors open in the centre when weight is placed on the ground in front of them.  .



















The walls are tiled in white, flat tiles. On the walls is a map of the local area. Above it is the station name in white mixed case letters on a blue plasticised sign.

The lights, which look like orange upside-down flower boxes are in the style Andreu-Motte.

Smoking is forbidden on the platform.








platform entrance


Entrance to the platform is from the end. The vaulted ceiling is tiled.















Orange pastic seats have been place on a base made from orange ceramic tiles. They match the metal casings of the lights.

The advertising boards are in metal frames.