Cour Saint-Émilion

The station opened on 15 October 1998. It takes its name from an old railway station in Bercy, where wine arrived from the wine regions of France. Saint-Émilion is a wine from the Bordeaux area.

The station is situated in the 12th arrondissement, at the entrance of the Parc de Bercy.

It is served by the metro line 14, which is fully automatic.


The main entrance has two escalators. Unusual, it has an escalotor going down as well as one going up.

To the right are the stairs. A railing has been fixed to the yellow brick wall.





Seats on the platform


A second entrance is a few meters away. It is sourrounded by milky plastic panels in metal frames.

It has a single escalator going up.

The stairs have two metal railings; one fixed to walls which are tiled  in large rectangular tiles andone next to the escalator.


Name sign



One of the newest Metro sign styles.The rectangular sign is on agrey pole. On the turquoise green background is a large letter M in a white circle. Less prominent are the logos of the tram (a T in a circle), the bus (the letters BUS in a circle) and the logo of the transport company RATP.

Announcement display












Platform in direction Olympiades. A small group of wooden and metal seats are placed in a recess.






Lit signage of Cour Saint-Émilion reset in a wall.

The station name is printed on white mixed case letter on a blue background.








Announcement display with the next two trains in the direction Olympiades.

It also prompts that everybody should be vigilant, not get separated from their bags and raise an alert if any packages are found abandonned.








Stairs from the platform to the upper level. The exit is marked with a blue sign 'Sortie'

The floor is tiled in polished stone tiles. in this section the majority of the tiles are light beige in colour.