Bobigny - Pantin - Raymond Queneau

Bobigny - Pantin - Raymond Queneau is an underground station.
It is situated on the border of the communities of Bobigny and Pantin. It is served by the metro line 5. The station pays reference to Raymond Queneau (1903-1976), a French writer. The station opened on 25 April 1985.

The entrance to the station is surrounded by a tiled wall.It comprises a narrow escalator and some very narrow stairs. It would be very difficult to take a buggy down those stairs.














The tiles above the entrance are small and set at different levels. Green arrows point down to indicate the flow.













View from the narrow escalator. The escalator only takes passengers from the platform to the surface.

The station sign is a yellow letter M in a double circle on a steel pole.
















The station has a narrow central platform. The edges are marked with white painted and structured tiles. The ground is painted grey.


There are some red plastic seats mounted on a metal bar. 











Access to the platform level is via two stair cases from the mezzanine.

Lighting is provided by some lampposts on the platform. They are painted red and have three round white lights.













The straight ceiling and the main parts of the walls are painted white.The wall also have a line pattern made of small red rectangular tiles laid horiontal and small white tiles laid vertical.

The lights on the platform under the mezzanine level are encased in red metal boxes and fixed to the ceiling.












The signage is in all uppercase letters on a blue background. The sign is suspended from the ceiling.